Ludlow - Aguilar Gravel Loop

We decided to ride from where we are staying near Aguilar. Visited the Ludlow Massacre mining site and then some nice gravel and pavement back to Aguilar. Treated ourselves to some fresh baked goods at the Sun Bear Cafe near the end of the ride.

Heather riding west on County Road 44 towards the Ludlow Massacre memorial.

Heather reading about the Ludlow Massacre.

 Ludlow Massacre Memorial

This marker for the Hastings Mine Explosion we came across on County Road 40.2 going into School Canyon.

Heather riding up Hunter Canyon

Nice view in the distance of West Spanish Peak.

Pausing to take in a southeastern view of West Spanish Peak.

A nice looking little RV Park just west of Aguilar along the Apishipa River.

Our end of ride reward - fresh baked goods at the Sun Bear Cafe in Aguilar.


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