Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Julian Wash and "The Loop"

Just a few miles from our RV park is the Roy Schoonover Trailhead on the Julian Wash Greenway of "The Loop". Roy Schoonover was a devout advocate for bicycling and establishment of "The Loop" trail system and the trailhead was named as a memorial in his honor. Plenty of parking and nice restrooms with drinking water were available at the trailhead. Today we ventured west and north to see another side of Tucson.

The Julian Wash Greenway will eventually take you to Santa Cruz River Park and then follows teh Santa Cruz River heading north along the west edge of Downtown Tucson. The trail runs on both sides of the river and offers good views of the surrounding river-wash area.

On our return leg back on the west side of the Santa Cruz River we stopped for a restroom break by an unusual piece of artwork - several arches that were decorated in mosaic tile.

Each column of each arch is a different narrative about historical events of the area.

The tops of the arches showcase some very colorful southwestern designs and patterns.

On our return to the trailhead on the Julian Wash Greenway, we encountered a two-sided tile mural. Heather stopped and posed for me on the landscape side.

The opposite side featured a bicycle along a trail - very appropriate. After completing our ride - I read some more about "The Loop" trail and found there are 59 pieces of public art on Tucson's 131 miles of trails. We will definitely be looking for more art on our future rides.