Thursday, December 13, 2018

Our New Home - "Woody"

Well it had to happen - we have been full-time living and traveling for about eight (8) months and felt that our 26'  travel trailer was just too small. So with some good friends in tow (thank you Ronnie and Nanette Bryant) we set out to the RV dealer in San Antonio a few weeks ago to look for our new abode on wheels. (Our new home - "Woody" This is the slide that contains our dining room, fireplace/TV, and outdoor kitchen.)

Our new criteria included: more living space, more seating, more storage, and more amenities. Lots of "more" was the theme and we still wanted a trailer we could pull with our Ford F250 truck. So with the help of Ronnie and Nanette and the RV dealer - we found our new home - a Rockwood Ultralite 2707 WS. The new trailer is about 7 feet longer (just over 32' in length) and now has three (3) slides - two of the slides oppose each other to make a very large main living area and the third slide is a wardrobe off of the bedroom and bathroom areas.

The process of moving was an interesting exercise of timing and organization. We basically pulled our existing trailer to the dealer on our designated pick-up/inspection day. We parked our trailer facing the new one in order to make the transferring of all our stuff easier. I also had a special trailer hitch to remove from the old trailer and install on to the new trailer - that took at least 4 hours to complete. Fortunately Heather could move most of our stuff while I tackled the hitch.  We got to the RV dealer at 9 a.m. and left at about 4 p.m. - then we drove back to Castroville, Texas (15 miles) to our RV park to spend the next two days getting all settled in and organized.

After Castroville, Texas we headed to Port Aransas for a week on the coast. We spent some more time reorganizing the trailer while we enjoyed the area.

From Port Aransas we drove down to Los Fresnos, Texas to spend two weeks in the Brownsville/South Padre Island areas. Here we continued to tweak our new home adding our wall artwork, hooks, and miscellaneous items. Heather's new favorite is a full length wall mirror on the back of the bathroom door - important for getting dressed I assume :)

Here are a few of the features that we really like:

  • solid entry steps
  • independent suspension axles (boring I know)
  • electric stabilizing jacks
  • Larger propane tanks
  • larger refrigerator
  • larger stove/oven
  • two a/c units
  • electric fireplace with heater
  • recliners
  • free standing dining table/chairs
  • built-in water filtration system
  • more storage (almost everywhere) including the wardrobe slide
  • outdoor kitchen with cook-top and refrigerator
After having a small teardrop trailer for one year, then a 26' travel trailer this past year - we are hoping that this new trailer will meet our needs for several years to come :)

Pulling an almost 33' trailer requires a little more planning. Our truck is a gas V8 (not diesel), so we often have to make sure there is enough room at the pumps to maneuver over 52' of truck and trailer.  The bigger trailer does catch more wind on the road so gas mileage is not great either - right now our average is around 7 mpg overall. I wouldn't ever pull a trailer like this without a ProPride P3 hitch. This hitch is by far the best I have used for eliminating trailer sway control problems and providing proper weight distribution.

 A portion of the wardrobe slide - another 1/3 of the storage reaches into the adjoining bathroom.

Bathroom view from the bedroom - we really like the radius shower.

Bathroom view from the hallway entrance - 1/3 of the wardrobe slide accessible from the bathroom.

We are currently in the Tucson, Arizona area and will be here for the next two months. We plan to do some hiking, biking, and general sight-seeing.