Monday, December 17, 2018

Southern Arizona Wine Country

Since there are around 13 wineries located just about 40 minutes south of Tucson, we ventured that way today to try two (2) that were open on a Monday afternoon. Just head south of Tucson on State Highway 83 through the little town of Sonoita and you are at the doorstep of the Southern Arizona wine country.

Our first stop was the Village of Elgin Winery located in Elgin, Arizona. A very interesting venue located facing a small courtyard that also houses a small distillery too. Heather is the dry wine fan and I prefer the sweeter whites. Her favorite at the Village of Elgin was the Bella Rosa (Rose). I really liked the Bisbee Copper (Blush) and the Naughty Monkey (Moscato Bianco). They produce all of the Four Monkey Wines here too.

This old Mercedes has found a home in front of the Village of Elgin Winery.

Our second stop was about three miles away at the Sonoita Vineyards - the oldest winery in Arizona.

View from the outdoor area at Sonoita Vineyards - awesome!

We were greeted at Sonoita Vineyards by the resident wine dog, Duke.

Sonoita Winery had a very good selection of whites and reds. Heather really liked the Cabernet Sauvignon and MeCaSa (red blend) here. I preferred the Angel Wings (blush) and Sonora Blanca (sweet white).

A peek at the production area at Sonoita Vineyards.

A welcome surprise is that we also found a small brewery in Sonoita called... Copper Brothel Brewery - a really nice venue with food featuring nine (9) of their beers on tap. We chose the dark side of their beer selection to sample. Each beer has a girl's name to go with the whole brothel theme. The food menu looked very good and we had some wonderful homemade salsa and chips with our beer.

We really liked that you could order a smaller five (5) ounce pour of any beer here - nice if you aren't too thirsty!