Sunday, December 16, 2018

Welcome to Tucson and The Loop

After getting settled into our RV park in Tucson - we decided to get on our bikes to explore a section of Pima County's "The Loop" trail system. We started our ride from Mesquite Elementary School on the Harrison Greenway and rode north towards the Pantano Wash area.

The trail systems in Pima County and Tucson are very well maintained and very easy to follow. Plenty of places to stop for water and restrooms - lots of connectivity with neighborhoods and area parks. We stopped along Pantano River Park to see a variety of memorial areas where it appears that families have donated memorial trees in memory of loved ones. There were several trees that were decorated for the holidays.

We rode up to Brandi Fenton Memorial Park on the north side of the Rillito River before returning back south to the Rita Ranch area of Tucson where we started.

As we returned back to the Harrison Greenway portion of the trail, we passed by the Fantasy Island Mountain Biking area. I am getting my bike tires converted to tubeless (lots of things to stick into your tire here) this week so I can ride Fantasy Island and some other mountain bike trails in the area. We plan to try other sections of "The Loop" and other paved trails near out locale in Tucson.

This past Friday we visited Blackrock Brewers in Tucson - my favorite was their Wee Keeker - Wee Heavy Scotch Ale and Heather liked their VIP - Vanilla Infused Porter. Blackrock is located in sort of an office/warehouse area with a nice laid back atmosphere. They also had several vintage pinball machines - we preferred the Bally "Dolly Parton" machine!

Heather finding her inner Pinbal Wizard ;)