Monday, January 7, 2019

Oro Valley Ride

We ventured out today to a section of the Pima County Trail System that we had not been to yet - there are over 131 miles of paved trail to explore in the Tucson area. We started from the Ted Walker Park Trailhead just off of I-10 in NW Tucson and headed up the Christina Taylor Green Trailway (a part of "The Loop") up to the Town of Oro Valley.

This section of trail (15 miles one-way) follows the Canada del Oro wash to the north and east looking towards the northwest side of Mount Lemmon and the Catalina Mountains. As we ventured further into the Town of Oro Valley we started to encounter a wide variety of public art along the trail.

My favorite was the rattlesnake art that served as a series of benches along the trail.

Heather's favorite was her mascot - the tortoise! She says she rides like a tortoise - I'm not too sure about that!

The trail currently ends in the north end of Oro Valley - so we just turned around and made our way back. It was nice going back since the trail does go downhill that direction.

Funny what you can miss riding one direction and then see something else from the other way. I discovered this horned toad art by the rattlesnake on the way back - the trail does a small split here and I didn't see the horned toad earlier.

This piece of art, plant cut-outs, provided a nice frame of the mountains. Hard to believe we were actually in a very suburban area filled with homes. We finished our ride about at rush hour time, so I made a short detour to another on of Tucson's breweries - 1912 Brewing Company - just north of Downtown Tucson on I-10.

We sampled several interesting beers - 1912 Brewing Company really had some fun names... we tried the Weiz the Hell Not - Hefeweizen, Ta Weno - Mexican Amber, Mescalero Stout - American, and Taste of Midnight On Your Lips Stout - Russian Imperial. My favorite was the Taste of Midnight On Your Lips and Heather preferred the Mescalero Stout. 1912 had 20 different beers on tap, plenty of variety with many IPA's and Sour's.

Just another winter day in Tucson - temps in the mid-60's with sunshine. Really liking this whole desert and mountains vibe - beautiful and fun.