Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sabino Canyon

It only took seven (7) weeks but we finally made it to Sabino Canyon Recreation Area on the north side of Tucson. We chose a weekday to avoid the crowds and it worked out well for hiking. Our first time here and I chose the hardest trail - Blacketts Ridge :)

From the visitors center at Sabino Canyon we took the Bear Canyon Trail to the Phoneline Trail and then to the Blacketts Ridge Trail. Blacketts Ridge Trail is an out and back trail so our entire hike was basically out and back from the visitor's center of 5.8 miles. The hike promised us some scenic views and more challenging climbs.

Heather did very well as we worked up a more gentle Phoneline Trail to the intersection with Blacketts Ridge Trail. Once we started on Blacketts Ridge Trail the terrain got more rocky and much steeper.

Heather working her way up on Blacketts Ridge.

Looking up to where the trail was taking us - always up!

The views along the trail were very nice and we enjoyed the plants and flowers.

About half-way up the trail, Heather decided to stop and let me push onward to the end of the trail. It was getting more difficult and she thought it was best for her to stay safe. I pushed onward to get to the end of the trail at 4,400 feet.

Obligatory foot shot at the end of the trail / summit.

Looking to the west from the end of Blacketts Ridge Trail.

Looking down towards Sabino Canyon from Blacketts Ridge Trail.

Heather got this pic of me after I came down from Blacketts Ridge - funny thing is I had no glasses. I started with my glasses but experienced a bizarre mishap in which I slipped, knocked my glasses off, and then stepped on and slid with my glasses underfoot.

Fortunately the glasses kept me from falling on my butt - but the glasses lost the battle between my foot and the rocks ;)

Heather took this shot as we made our way back down Telephone Trail to return to the visitors center. We plan to return in the next week and try some other trails - a very pretty park in the Coronado National Forest.