Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Big Bend - Boquillas

The sign above greets you as you pass through the U.S. Port of Entry at Boquillas Crossing in Big Bend National Park. The crossing which reopened in 2013, is a little simpler than most U.S.-Mexico border crossings... here you pay $5 per person (round-trip) for a rowboat ride across the Rio Grande River to Boquillas Del Carmen, Mexico.

Our selfie on the U.S. side just after leaving the Big Bend Port of Entry.

Looking towards Mexico - awaiting our ferry to Boquillas Del Carmen. You can walk (for free), ride a donkey, or in a pickup truck ($5 per person) about 3/4 mile to the town of Boquillas Del Carmen.

Heather and Nanette wanted to ride donkeys into town while Ronnie and I walked behind with our personal donkey guide.

 Two amigos and their trusty donkeys!

Plenty of street vendors in Boquillas Del Carmen - lots of handmade crafts (purses, bags, walking sticks, wire art, and coozies).

Another donkey friend in a small stable in Boquillas Del Carmen.

Our first restaurant stop was the Boquillas Cafe where we started with margaritas and then we ate lunch. I had some very good cheese enchiladas while everyone else had the tasty cabrito tacos.

Our second restaurant stop was across the street at Jose Falcon's Restaurant for some more drinks with chips, salsa, jalapenos, and guacamole. The outside patio/deck at Jose Falcon's had a very nice view of the Rio Grande River.

The view from Jose Falcon's - a nice place to sit and enjoy the splendor of Big Bend and the Rio Grande River.

Heather getting ready to ride back to the rowboat ferry on her donkey. She really likes donkeys and enjoyed her ride today.

When we returned to the ferry it was much busier... Ronnie and Nanette coming back to the U.S.

After our international excursion to Boquillas Del Carmen, we hiked the short trail into Boquillas Canyon.

Hiking back into Boquillas Canyon brought back fond memories from over 25 years ago when we went on a multi-day canoe trip with the Wendell family during a spring break.

Capturing an excellent day in Big Bend...

If you keep following the trail into Boquillas Canyon you eventually run out of space. This is the end of the trail - so to speak.

Heather, Nanette, and Ronnie - a nice hike to end a great day in Big Bend. Tomorrow we will be on the bikes to explore some more.