Friday, February 22, 2019

Big Bend - Lost Mine Peak

A warmer day (in the 70's) so we headed up to the Chisos Basin area for a hike up the Lost Mine Trail to the top of Lost Mine Peak. The photo above was taken at the top of Lost Mine Peak. We had never hiked this trail and heard that the views and vistas were incredible...

Our hike started with some gentle climbing and offered some immediate views to the north where we drove into the Chisos Basin.

Our first glimpse over a saddle looking towards the southeast across the park.

Heather, Ronnie, and Nanette about half-way up the hike. Casa Grande Peak is behind them.

A Woodhouse's Scrub Jay - so I'm told :)

Looking down into the Chisos Basin and beyond.

Casa Grande Peak looking from the top of Lost Mine Peak.

Looking towards the south to Mexico.

It is possible to see the top of Emory Peak (highest point in Big Bend) from the top of Lost Mine Peak. I zoomed in at 100 times to capture the antennas and a hiker on top of Emory Peak.