Saturday, February 23, 2019

Big Bend Ranch State Park - Fresno Canyon

Today was a mountain bike trail day for us... Heather hikes the trail and I go and ride it! We started out from the East Contrabando trail-head near Lajitas, both setting out on the Dog Cholla Loop. The next loop for both of us was the Crystal Trail and then I continued out about 8.5 miles until I reached the start of the Fresno Canyon Trail. Last year I had made it out to the edge of the Fresno Canyon but did not have the time to explore it further - today I rode about three miles into Fresno Canyon and it was really scenic.

Looking down the Contrabando trail - heading north to reach the Fresno Canyon Trail.

Almost to the start of the Fresno Canyon Trail - pretty remote out here :)

The trails are well marked and I was anxious to see what the Fresno Canyon trail would offer.

Looking down Fresno Canyon...

Lots of fairly good singletrack on the Fresno Canyon trail - about 10 miles from anything at this point.

Bluebonnets were very nice along the trail - a pleasant surprise.

My turning around spot on the trail - an interesting shack was just ahead of me, out in the middle of nowhere.

The trail takes you through several washes where water is evident - this Cottonwood tree looked very nice. I wished I could have rode further but it was time to call it a day and head another 11 miles back to the start. I timed my ride fairly well as I caught up to Heather about 1/2 mile before the trail-head. Next time I'll plan to go the full length of the Fresno Canyon trail - I just need and earlier start ;)