Sunday, February 17, 2019

Déjà vu

Today we did one of our favorite rides from Alpine, along Highway 118 to Fort Davis and Back. Heather the weather guru got it right as we had very little wind today and temps in the mid 60's. It just happens that we rode this exact same route exactly one year ago today - our version of ​Déjà vu!

Nice looking gravel road just off of Highway 118 north of Alpine... too bad it is on a private ranch. You can just see the ranch house in the middle along the first ridge of rock.

My bike needed a rest as we entered Jeff Davis County heading towards Fort Davis ;)

Heather getting ready to head up into the mountains to the south of Fort Davis.

The very distinctive Mitre Peak - 6,190 feet tall, rising about 1,680 feet above where this photo was taken.

The rock formations are really interesting throughout this area - I am always in awe of how spectacular they appear.

Heather rode very well today - she kept a very consistent pace and rhythm as we climbed towards Fort Davis.

Some large Cottonwood trees along a roadside picnic area - just starting to bud!

Arriving in Fort Davis - time to get some lunch!

Our lunch stop at the Stone Village Market in Fort Davis. The deli here makes great fresh sandwiches, coleslaw, and potato salad. We had a nice lunch break and then turned ourselves around for the return trip back to Alpine - more ​Déjà vu!