Sunday, February 24, 2019

FM 170 Scenic Drive

Today was our road trip day from Lajitas to Presidio and back along the Texas Mountain Trail on FM 170. This road follows the Rio Grande River as it winds through some exceptional scenery along the Texas and Mexico border.

Our first stop on our drive was Closed Canyon trail, just on the edge of Big Bend Ranch State Park near the Rio Grande River. You hike into what appears to be a slot canyon that eventually empties into the Rio Grande. There was water in a lower section that kept us from continuing too far towards the river.

Just past Closed Canyon was a small parking area with a road that had access to the Rio Grande - we took a break to enjoy the sound of the river flow.

Of course we couldn't pass up the short walk to see the Hoodoos!

Hoodoos from a different perspective.

Just a few miles east of Presidio near Alamito Creek were the fresh remains (two days ago) of a brush fire that had started in Mexico, jumped the Rio Grande River and burned here in Texas.

By the time we reached Presidio, Texas it was lunch time - we opted for enchiladas at El Patio Restaurant in Downtown Presidio. Not sure who the skinny guy is behind Heather... Don Quixote???

After lunch we made a stop at Fort Leaton State Historical Site - just 4 miles east of Presidio. Heather looked pretty small against this oxen cart - it took a team of 8 to 10 oxen to pull a cart this size.

One of the restored rooms at Fort Leaton... Fort Leaton was not a military outpost but a trading post. It was an important stop for commerce between Chihuahua, Mexico and San Antonio, Texas before the railroad reached Presidio.

The nice part about an out and back drive is being able to see the scenery from an opposite direction and perspective. Looking east towards the Lajitas area through Madera Canyon.

Looking west down the Rio Grande from the edge of the Madera Canyon area.

Here Heather is hanging out at "La Casita" on the abandoned Contrabando Movie set by the Rio Grande River just 9.5 miles west of Lajitas.

One last look at the Rio Grande River before we returned to Lajitas.

Our last sunset here in Lajitas - we walked up to the Thirsty Goat for some drinks and appetizers before calling it a day.

Good night Lajitas - off to Fredericksburg, Texas tomorrow!