Sunday, March 24, 2019

Gravel Bike Tour, Day 1 - Clifton to Hico

​Springtime in Texas has usually meant a short self-contained bike tour on gravel roads somewhere near Clifton, Texas. This year Ronnie Bryant created a 6-day tour full of gravel at the top of the Texas Hill Country. We would start in Clifton and ride to Hico, Comanche, Brownwood, Goldthwaite, Hamilton, and back to Clifton. We do light-touring which means that we stay in hotels/motels - no camping or cooking. So we met the Bryant's and Pogue's in Clifton to park our vehicles and start our first day to Hico. Heather, Susan, and Nanette are pictured above at the start of our tour.

The first day's route would take us north and west to Hico with a rest stop in Iredell.

Ronnie looking fresh as we departed Clifton on County Road 4290.

Taking a quick look around as we crossed Meridian Creek at a low water crossing.

The sign says it all :)

Why we ride gravel - no traffic and plenty of great scenery.

The first big climb of the day - leaving the valley from Bee Creek.

Spotted this Zebra just west of Meridian State Park on County Road 2135.

Heather waves to the camera - smooth gravel riding in Bosque County.

Susan is always full of smiles!

Nanette and Ronnie are focused on their climb...

Heather and John climbing a hill - Heather looks a little more intense than John :)

Always time to stop a see a donkey or two.

Taking a break at Tommy's Gas Station in Iredell.

Getting closer to Hico...

Reminds me of this quote from Christmas Vacation, "​Clark, I’d like to try to fumigate this here chair, it’s a good quality item."

Nice to know that I'm somebody! We made it to Hico around 3 p.m. and checked in at the Midland Hotel in Downtown Hico. Time to eat some dinner and rest up for our second day of the gravel tour - tomorrow Comanche, Texas!