Thursday, March 28, 2019

Gravel Bike Tour, Day 5 - Goldthwaite to Hamilton

Day five finds us with a very windy day leaving Goldthwaite, winds predominately from the south. Fortunately our first 20 miles was a tailwind heading north to Priddy, Texas.

Day five's route included a rest stop at 21 miles in Priddy. After Priddy there were no services until the end of the day at the Inn at Circle T Ranch outside of Hamilton.

The gang rescued this turtle along our route to Priddy. It was pretty shy as I tried to get up-close for this photo.

Taking a break at the Priddy Store... too bad this wasn't later in the ride as the ladies inside made homemade sandwiches.

Gravel roads were in good shape for the majority of the day - Heather is riding here just outside of Priddy.

Plenty of yellow wildflowers along the back roads.

We had to stop and wait for some sheep to be herded down the road to a new pasture.

Fixer Upper???

Closing shot - green truck waiting for it's next haul.