Friday, March 29, 2019

Gravel Bike Tour, Day 6 - Hamilton to Clifton

Our last day of the gravel tour - still no rain and just a bit of wind from the south. Today's route was somewhat familiar as we had ridden most of the roads before.

Not quite 50 miles today, we would head east and cross the Leon River and then work our way through Cranfils Gap for a lunch/rest stop. Then through some very nice gravel and pavement to Clifton to finish our tour.

Ronnie pushing forward into the wind.

Still a few hills left... we found a hill later in the day that was very challenging!

Nanette always makes the hills look easier.

Sometimes the arse is tired - standing up always can make the pain go away ;)

Heather and Ronnie riding out of Cranfils Gap on FM 219 - getting closer to the end of our journey.

Closing shot - Heather works her way towards Clifton. Up ahead is our hardest hill of the tour... if she only knew what was coming ;)

Six days of gravel touring provided plenty of riding and challenge. Although there are not any unusually long mileage days - the roughness of gravel can take a toll on your body. Wider tires and lower tire pressures help combat the roughness of the roads. Fortunately I ride 3 inch wide ties at 18 psi - very comfy!

Thanks so much to Ronnie Bryant for working on the routes, for everyone that we meet  along the way, and to Heather for  putting up with me - the journey was great!