Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Roatan Honduras - Maya Cay

We started our cruise this year at the island of Roatan in Honduras. Our day was spent on Maya Cay where I snorkeled the reef and Heather explored the small private island. When I finished snorkeling Heather took me around the island to see the many birds and sights.

Setting foot on Maya Cay you will be welcomed by this guy - he is very talkative and friendly.

Plenty of shipwrecks around the reefs that surround Roatan. No wonder the pirates loved the island to escape from their foes...

Plenty of Heather's feathered friends - quite a collection of rehab birds here.

Not even one box of Fruit Loops to be found???

Pretty flowers - no idea what they are - I need to really ask more questions of the locals.

Representation of some Mayan statuary found in Honduras.

Mayan mural...

Port area for Carnival Cruises in Roatan.

Parting shot as we boarded our ship - next stop Belize.