Friday, March 8, 2019

Twitching in Cozumel

Our sixth time to visit Cozumel and we booked a bird guide to take us around the island to look at local birds (I call this "Twitching"). Heather was excited to have Arturo (our guide) show us around Cozumel in search of birds for her life-list. (am I saying this right???)

Ruddy Turnstone

Sanderlings... there were plenty of these entertaining shorebirds to watch.

Yes, I know, it's not a bird :)

And yet another shorebird - eating among the seaweed piles along the beaches.

Our birding tour took us from the north side of Cozumel to the south end near the Mayan village of El Cedral.

Plenty of tropical flowers on trees that I have no idea of what they are called... but they sure look nice!

Great Kiskadee

The not so elusive Kiskadee on a telephone wire.

Parting shot...