Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dutch Mountain Ranch

It is almost a spring ritual for our friends Mike and Teresa to have us visit them when they are staying at Dutch Mountain Ranch. Dutch Mountain Ranch sits adjacent to Enchanted Rock State Park just to the north, encompassing over 1,200 acres in Llano County. This year our schedule was pretty busy but we did manage to spend almost a day and a half with them. It is pretty easy to get lost in the beauty of the area and we usually just hike and look at the birds, wildlife and scenery.

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and immediately set out for an afternoon hike. Within the first 1/4 mile we came upon this Western Coachwhip snake.

There always seem to be an variety of spring flowers in the Texas Hill Country and I couldn't resist the flowers on the local cactus.

Dutch Mountain Ranch contains many rock formations that are similar to Enchanted Rock. We spied these goats playing on the rocks during our hike.

Plenty of Bluebonnets on the ranch - Mike, Teresa, and Heather pose among the flowers.

Sandy Creek borders the ranch and provides some more lush cover near the creek banks. This gnarly tree is one of my favorites to visit.

Mike, Heather, and Teresa having some fun holding up a tree :)

Yellow flowers adding a splash of color to the amazing rocks in Llano county.

We thought this rock looked like an elephant!

Hiking down one of the many rock outcroppings on Dutch Mountain Ranch.

Plenty of Barn Swallows to be found around the ranch.

Looking down one of the roads on the ranch towards Enchanted Rock State Park.

Took a picture of this bird - not sure what it is... some variety of sparrow???

Bewick's Wren.

Little yellow flowers - not sure what they are but we liked them.

Small blue flowers - again I have no idea what they are - just very beautiful.

Cactus flower.

Looking east down Sandy Creek.

Bluebonnets in the Sandy Creek bottoms.

Cactus flower - image not edited, the color was really that vibrant.

Teresa and Heather.

Parting shot - Heather in the Bluebonnets.