Saturday, May 11, 2019

City of Rocks State Park

Cool today with a chance of rain - so we drove over to City of Rocks State Park, just 26 miles southeast of Silver City. Plenty of choices for day hikes, so we made a 6.5 mile loop using the Hydra Trail, Observation Point Trail, Table Mountain Trail, and the Planet Walk.

Just outside the visitor center is the trail head for the Hydra Trail.

We spotted a Horned Lizard along the trail taking in the sunshine.

At the top of the Observation Point there were several Ocotillo in bloom providing a touch of color in the stark landscape.

Looking up the trail as we start our hike up to the top of Table Mountain.

Local bird friend - possibly a Rock Wren.

Heather looking for the birds...

Looking back to the City of Rocks on the hike up Table Mountain.

Prickly Pear in bloom.

On top of Table Mountain looking down at the City of Rocks.

Summit selfie!

There was a Juniper tree with a hollow in it at the top of Table Mountain. It appeared to have a very active bee hive inside.

Looking rainy to the south - we only got sprinkled on for a few minutes of our hike.

Desert oasis.

Black-throated Sparrow.

Starting the Planet Walk trail into the City of Rocks.

Scott's Oriole dining on some Ocotillo flower nectar.

We've got rocks, rocks, and more rocks!

Walking within the rocks is like going through a giant maze.

City of Rocks is a very unusual and beautiful place - we will definitely return here again.