Saturday, May 18, 2019

Eighty Mountain and Gomez Peak

A very windy Saturday so we decided on heading to the Gila National Forest for a hike. Just about five miles to the north of Silver City is the Gomez Peak/Little Walnut Trail System - very well maintained trails on the edge of the forest.

We started with a hike up to the top of Eighty Mountain, then around Gomez Peak on the Angel Loop, and then up to the summit of Gomez Peak. Our total round trip was just at 7.3 miles with a little over 1,600 feet of climbing. Eighty Mountain tops out at 7,461 feet and Gomez Peak sits at 7,237 feet.

Very quiet trails - we only saw three other people today!

Hiking the ridge towards Eight Mountain - Gomez Peak is just behind Heather in the background.

Plenty of Cane Cholla along the hike today.

Heather catching her breath as we head up Eighty Mountain.

At the top of Eighty Mountain and we shared the summit with this lizard.

Looking north from the top of Eighty Mountain - looking out over Aldo Leopold's legacy, the Gila National Forest - 3.3 millions acres.

Sometimes the Angel Loop trail was more rocks than trail.

Heather working her way up Gomez Peak Trail - Eighty Mountain is behind her.

Just about at the summit of Gomez Peak.

Parting shot - Gomez Peak Summit...