Friday, May 31, 2019

Grindstone Mesa Ride - Ruidoso

All settled into Ruidoso, New Mexico and we chose to visit some trails that are only about two miles from the RV park. Heather went our for a hike and I decided to try a loop of trails that would take me to the top of Grindstone Mesa. The trails all start from the parking lot at Grindstone Lake and then branch out around the lake and up the mountains. The trails are fairly well maintained and do have a good variety of rocks to keep it interesting.

Always fun to ride in the mountains - from the trailhead it was all uphill for five miles with almost 1,000 feet of climbing. I did take several trail (health) breaks to keep my heart rate in check.

At the top of Grindstone Mesa it is relatively flat - I rode part of the 3.3 mile loop to reach the Grindstone Ridge Trail.

From mile 5 on the map above to mile 7 it was fairly easy going. Past mile 7 it was predominately downhill with plenty of rocks  to dodge in places. I am riding with cable/mechanical disk brakes and my hands were pretty much worn out by the time I finished the ride. Time to upgrade to hydraulic brakes!

 Overall a great day on the trails - I met up with Heather along Grindstone Lake and we finished our trail adventure within 10 minutes of each other. Looking forward to testing some other area trails later this week. Time to go order some new brakes :)