Monday, May 27, 2019

Twin Sisters Hike on the CDT

Last week we got a recommendation for a hike on the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) that would take us to a pair of mountains called the Twin Sisters. The photo above shows the Twin Sisters in the distance. These two mountains are easy to distinguish because of the white colored rock that appears to connect them together and they appear equal in height. We drove just past Pinos Altos, New Mexico and parked about 1/4 of a mile up a fire road.

Heather is following the fire road up a mountain to where it intersects with the CDT. It is really hard to imagine that this is any type of road.

Almost to the top of a ridge where we joined the CDT - very expansive views.

It was hard for us to believe we were out hiking on a holiday and yet we saw nobody on the trail. The CDT in this area seems to be very well maintained and well marked.

Here's your sign - a well placed directional arrow keeping us on course towards the Twin Sisters.

Our goal, the Twin Sisters from the backside - no hint of the white colored rock from this view.

Heather looking back towards the mountains that overlook Pinos Altos - pointing out a variety of antenna on the taller ridgeline.

The CDT comes just to the back edge of the rock formation that connects the Twin Sisters. It is a very steep side trail to get to the top of the formation. Past this spot, Heather decided that the trail pitch was too steep - it required some more serious scrambling.

I pressed upward and scrambled to the top of the connecting formation. I was not disappointed with the view and found the effort to climb up was definitely worthwhile. Looking west down the formation towards the western Sister.

Selfie time in the middle of the ridge between the Two Sisters.

Looking north out into the Gila National Forest - we really love the beauty and expanse of this area.

Parting shot - boulders strewn about between the Twin Sisters.