Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Argentina Canyon - Turkey Canyon Hike

A chance for rain in the afternoon so we set out to the Argentina Trailhead north of Ruidoso to hike a loop of about eight (8) miles this morning. Cooler temperatures in the 60's made for a very comfortable hike as we would eventually climb to 9,200 feet.

We have done several hikes over the past two years from this area and we wanted to hike up Argentina Canyon over to the Crest Trail, and then back down Turkey Canyon. Our previous hikes have always taken us down Argentina Canyon - nice to try it from the opposite direction.

Thank goodness for GPS as we started out down the Big Bonito Trail... I figured out that we were going the wrong way and we turned around and made it back over to the Argentina Canyon Trail :)

The views looking up the Argentina Canyon trail seemed very green compared to last year.

Heather coming up the trail - she likes to stop and listen to the birds, smell the flowers, and take it all in...

The Wild Blue Iris along the trail were just beautiful - one of Heather's photos.

Looking up a small waterfall in Argentina Canyon - you follow a small stream the entire way up the canyon.

Heather saw this old goat at the top of the waterfall ;)

Absolutely perfect scenery today - love all the Iris!

A variety of barrel cactus starting to bloom.

Out on the edge of the Crest Trail looking west  - sitting just at 9,000 feet.

Hiking across on the Crest Trail towards Turkey Canyon - great views of Nogal Peak.

Looking back towards the Crest Ridge Trail - getting ready to head down Turkey Canyon.

The view as we started heading down Turkey Canyon - really nice vistas!

Parting shot - Heather coming down the trail in Turkey Canyon.