Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Capitan Figure 8 Ride

Today's ride started in Capitan, New Mexico - home of Smokey the Bear! Our goal was to explore three different gravel roads that we had not ridden before - hopefully no gates to block our way. We parked at a nearby gas station in Capitan and then rode east on US 380 to get ourselves on to Capitan Gap Road, some really nice looking gravel.

Our view looking up Capitan Gap Road... Capitan Gap is in the center of the photo - the low spot (gap) in the Capitan Mountains.

The climb up Capitan Gap was gradual and steady, offering nice views of the mountains.

Looking back from where we came - just about five (5) miles of climbing behind us and almost to our next gravel road, County Road 0006.

Last look at Capitan Gap as we turned on to County Road 0006.

Heather looking out for the slow children - we did not see any of them :)

Lots of Verbena flowers along our way today!

After we finished County Road 0006, we turned south on State Highway 246 and had a nice four mile downhill back into Capitan. From there we rode west on US 380 for about six miles - uphill and into the wind, it was a grind! Then we turned on to County Road 013, our last section of gravel road. The next six miles was excellent riding. The gravel was in good shape and the vistas were awesome. The shot above was taken once we completed a three mile climb.

After leaving County Road 013 we turned south on State Highway 37 for two miles and then turned left again on Cora Dutton Road - a paved road that had one climb and then two miles of fun downhill. Leaving Cora Dutton Road we tuned left again on to State Highway 48 for our return to Capitan with a tailwind. Overall a great day of riding with a very nice route.

Parting shot - looking back to the north on County Road 013.