Thursday, June 27, 2019

Cedar Creek Trails

Today and this past Monday I had the opportunity to ride the Cedar Creek Mountain Bike Trails here in Ruidoso. I had heard from the local bike shop that the Cedar Creek Trails were developed for mountain biking - they were  correct! I enjoyed the trails so much on Monday, I had to ride them again today.

On Monday I started up the Water Tower Trail, then the Tower to Downhill Trail Connector, and then down the Big Bear Boundary for the first 5 miles.
Crossing the road I headed up the Upper Geriatrics trail - down Geri's Backside on to Lower Geriatrics back to where I started. Then a repeat loop up Water Tower back down a portion of Big Bear and then on to Upper Cedar Creek to the Downhill Trail. I tried a portion of the Downhill Trail (flow trail) - with all its banked turns and jumps! Fortunately you can ride the Downhill Trail and bypass the jumps (as I did).

The trails are very well marked and very easy to follow.

At the top of the Water Tower Trail...

All of the trails at Cedar Creek run through some very nice tree canopy.

Today I rode the same loop twice and then caught the Upper Cedar Creek trail on my last loop. Heather hiked the Upper and Lower Cedar Creek Loops while I did my riding.

Plenty of vistas of Sierra Blanca Peak on the way.

During the week the trails were pretty vacant - a very nice way to escape into the forest.

Parting shot - more new socks... I couldn't resist this pair :)