Monday, June 17, 2019

Lincoln County Gravel Adventure

A little exploratory bike ride to the northern part of Lincoln County - perfect riding conditions for the majority of the ride, then we encountered a bit of rain and hail during the last nine (9) miles back to the town of Capitan...

Our route was fairly simple - about 10 miles straight north of NM Highway 246 to County Road B0001, then 10 miles of gravel north on B0001 to the intersection of Road A036. Then we turned around and headed back south.

The first six miles leaving Capitan on highway 246 is mostly uphill as you cross over a low point of the Capitan Mountains at 6,900 feet between the Tucson Mountain and the West Mountain. The picture above is looking north after we crossed the high point of this climb.

Looking north as we left highway 246 and started our gravel portion on county road B0001.

Heather heading south with just a little tailwind - the gravel road surface was very good.

This art work was adjacent to a cattle guard along the way.

My bike needed a little rest along the way and I needed a nature break ;)

Lots of wide open spaces - you can just see where the gravel road will be taking us in the right center near the horizon.

After we reached 20 miles out on the ride, we turned around and looked back to the Capitan Mountains... it was looking a little stormy and rainy!

Short video of Heather examining the upcoming weather... we saw plenty of lightening and heard lots of thunder!

Parting shot - we just finished riding over the gap in the Capitan Mountains, we got a little wet but mostly we were pelted by small hail stones for about four miles. The last five miles was a very nice descent back into Capitan.