Thursday, June 13, 2019

Nogal Canyon - Crest Trail Hike

Today we went back to a trail (Nogal Canyon) that we had hiked before and added two other trails to make a nice six (6) mile loop. We started at the Nogal trailhead and hiked Nogal Canyon Trail to the Tortolita Trail and then to teh Crest Trail - making a loop around Nogal Peak.

Starting out on the Nogal Canyon Trail  - plenty of up to the Tortolita Trail. - about 900 feet of elevation gain.

About half-way up on the Nogal Canyon Trail - Heather was hiking very strong!

At the top of the Nogal Canyon Trail you come to a ridge that intersects with the Tortolita Trail - the views looking west are outstanding.

Once on the Tortolita Trail you hike on the western edge of Nogal Peak  - which sits at 9,957 feet in the White Mountain Wilderness.

Looking west from the Tortolita Trail - excellent vistas!

On the Tortolita we hiked through alot of brush and smaller trees - sometimes it felt like bushwhacking!

One last look to the west of the White Mountains Wilderness - absolutely stunning.

 Looking towards the rock formations underneath Nogal Peak.

Heather crossing a rock slide underneath Nogal Peak.

Looking down the rock slide underneath Nogal Peak.

Heather om the trail with Nogal Peak in the Background.

Looking east across the White Mountains.

Our hiking route...

Parting shot   - the ridge-line up along Nogal Peak.