Monday, June 3, 2019

Perk Canyon/Ridge Hike

Today's forecast: high of 81 degrees with 26% relative humidity - so we chose a morning hike on a trail just off the upper canyon area in Ruidoso. At the end of Perk Canyon Road is the trailhead for Trail #93 (Perk Canyon) and #92 (Perk Ridge). We hiked out on Perk Canyon, later this trail connects back to Perk Ridge for a nice loop.

We are not sure why - but we see more Horned Lizards in New Mexico than we ever do in Texas. This little guy was just off to the side of the trail.

Many times on the hike we encountered this flower - Wild Blue or Rocky Mountain Iris.

The Perk Ridge trail has some improved trail sections near the bottom that have been done to mitigate trail erosion and provides for a more gradual ascent to the ridge. Going out on the Perk Canyon Trail, you have several miles of gradual ascent following a nice stream. Then it goes up very steeply on a track that is fairly eroded and loose. Heather would have preferred trekking poles on this section.

Once on top of the Perk Ridge Trail you are provided some excellent views of the Ruidoso and Alto area. This is looking north towards Alto - the far mountains on the clouds are the Capitans.

Our completed route from AllTrails - 5.8 miles with 1,204 feet of elevation gain - just about the perfect distance for a Monday in June :)