Monday, July 29, 2019

Circle the Wagons Ride

Today's route makes a nice little 32 mile loop and included a couple of roads we had not ridden before. Since it made sort of a circle around the La Veta area we named the route after the RV park that has been our home for the past month, Circle the Wagons RV Park!

The route started off with a slight downhill gravel section along the Cucharas River valley and then took us up and through our favorite gravel to see some Pronghorn Antelope. Then back down to cross the Cucharas River and on to a short section of US 160 (good shoulder on a busy highway). A right turn on to County Road 510 gave us some asphalt for four (4) miles and then back to gravel. The last two (2) miles of CR 510 were very nice with great views of Silver Peak. A left on CR 520 and we could see excellent vistas looking south across the valley. Another short mile on US 160 and then we looped south of La Veta on some more gravel roads. Overall a perfect mix of gravel and pavement offering the best views found in the La Veta area.

Climbing a hill that leaves the Cuchara River Valley - Silver Peak on the right in the distance.

Some Sunflowers along CR 510 heading west towards Silver Peak.

CR 510 after it turned to gravel - such a great road!

Abandoned building along CR 510 - not sure if this was a house or something else?

Silver Peak in the doorway...

Looking south down CR 510 - heading across back across the valley.

Parting shot - Goemmer Butte in front of West Spanish Peak.