Monday, July 1, 2019

Cuchara Pass Ride

It's July so we got on the road in the morning for a bike ride up to Cuchara Pass. From our RV park in La Veta it is a simple route on Highway 12 south along the Highway of Legends Scenic Byway. The traffic is very light and the views along the way are nice!

 Looking along one of the geological dikes up towards West Spanish Peak.

"Bright and Early" not sure if that brand is around anymore - then I looked them up, they are still in business. Been around since 1918, they started as Duncan Coffee Company and now are known as Bright and Early - based in Bellville, Texas.

Looking up the Cucharas River Valley.

Just north of the town of Cucahras - entering the national forest.

Heather was waiting for me at the top of the pass. We decided to tack on a couple of more miles and ride some gravel up towards Cordova Pass.

The gravel was very good and we rode along to take in a few more vistas.

The flowers were still in bloom in the higher elevations.

At our turnaround point - just about 20 miles out from the start - the clouds were starting to build for our daily rain shower - time to get down off the mountain.

Coming back down the Cordova Pass road - you can just see Heather as she glides past the Aspens.

The sky was looking more threatening - time to hurry down.

Back on the Highway of Legends - let the fun (18 mile downhill) begin!

Parting shot - Cucharas River.