Saturday, July 6, 2019

Old La Veta Pass - Uptop

Heather and I have wanted to ride this route from La Veta on the back roads to Old La Veta Pass since last summer. Unfortunately the 2018 Spring Fire went through much of this route and it was not accessible last year after the fire. Today we got to ride up to the pass and it was really an enjoyable ride.

Our route followed mostly gravel along Middle Creek. Here you can see the impact of the Spring Fire.

Heather riding through the damage of the Spring Fire.

It was nice to see evidence of new growth in the burn areas - some wildflowers were thriving along the road and in some open areas.

There are some areas that were untouched from the fire - these Aspens were really nice to ride through.

Unfortunately to get to the Old La Veta Pass Road you have to ride a short stretch on US Highway 160. A very busy road with too many people driving way too fast and with a narrow shoulder. We were glad to survive that section of road. This view above is from the start of the Old La Veta Pass road looking east down US Highway 160.

Heather at the top of Old La Veta Pass posing by the historical marker that reminds visitors that the highest railroad in the world ran through this pass, the Denver and Rio Grande.

In the heart of Uptop (ghost town) - a few old buildings scattered around. Uptop is for sale if you want your own mountain ghost town.

Cute little chapel still stands here in Uptop.

Looking west from Uptop - the mountain storms were coming - time to get down off the mountain.

Looking east towards West Spanish Peak - lots of forest burned from the Spring Fire.

Water falling along the road as we made our way up a climb back towards Middle Creek.

Parting shot - Heather riding along Middle Creek and the fire damage. Still a very neat road to ride on.