Sunday, July 28, 2019

Schafer Trail Hike

Just a short drive up Cordova Pass Road north of Cuchara, Colorado will get you to the Schafer Trail. Most folks pass this trailhead by as they are headed up to the top of Cordova Pass to hike the West Spanish Peak Trail. The trailhead has parking for about two cars and only offers an out and back route that goes down then back up.

This trail runs south to north, starting at 10,900 feet and descending down to 9,000 feet. Several miles into the hike there was quite a bit of dead fall on the trail - it took us some creative maneuvering to get back to the trail to continue the hike. Coming back through the same dead fall we found a more direct route.

Heather the hiker!

Plenty of deadfall along the way.

Getting a nice glimpse of Teddy's Peak - named after Teddy Roosevelt!

A really nice meadow along the way.

Looking towards Middle White Peak from the meadow. (Middle White Peak is on the right).

Lots of wildflowers on this trail - this bee was covered in pollen.

State flower of Colorado - Columbine.

Flower power!

We saw bear scat a couple of times along the trail... the only danger I saw was this two legged predator :)

Parting shot - this is the trail running right down the center of this photo - sometimes a little overgrown.