Tuesday, July 16, 2019

West Spanish Peak

I couldn't resist hiking up West Spanish Peak near La Veta this morning. Heather and the Bryant's decided to hike from Cordova Pass to the treeline on the West Spanish Peak trail - I left earlier so I could hike to the summit and enjoy some stunning views. I was on the trail by 7 a.m. and planned to meet everyone else back on the trail by the treeline. The photo above is at the start of the trail looking up towards West Spanish Peak.

The trailhead starts at Cordova Pass (11,248 feet) and the first 2.8 miles takes you up 550 feet to the treeline (11,800 feet) offering up some nice views of the Cuchara Valley. After leaving the treeline it is just over one mile to the summit of West Spanish Peak (13,625 feet) - a nice gain of 1,825 feet.

The view from the edge of the treeline - a really nice vista!

 Always easy to find a reason to stop on the climb up - plenty of time to take a picture.

Looking down the trail - lots of scrambling through the rocks and boulders.

The view across the side of the mountain - just a bunch of rocks!

There was still a little bit of snow left - this was just before the summit.

Summit selfie - looking to the north...

Past the summit the trail continues just a little bit - I caught another hiker taking his selfie at the summit.

Looking down the dikes that radiate out from West Spanish Peak.

A view to the east looking over at East Spanish Peak.

A few flowers up near the summit.

Craggy old tree... I was supposed to meet Heather, Ronnie, and Nanette back by the treeline but they made a wrong turn and hiked down Apishapa trail - so we crossed paths and missed each other. When they finally got to the treeline I was already back to the trailhead. So I drove down from Cordova Pass going east to find the Apishapa Arch.

The Apishapa Arch is a stone arch/tunnel built through a dike.

Parting shot - the other side of Apishapa Arch.