Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Alberta Peak Hike

Today we drove up to the top of Wolf Creek Pass with the Yuhn's (Jim, Melody, and Scout) to hike a portion of the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) up to Alberta Peak (11,870 feet). The  CDT crosses right at Wolf Creek Pass and the hike from the pass to the peak is right at three miles one-way.

The trail starts up fairly fast and then levels out through a nice clearing - unfortunately much of this area of the Rio Grande National Forest has been hit hard by the Pine Beetle. Heather and Melody taking a break in the clearing - still plenty of hiking to do!

There are several places that the trail comes out along the ridge line that offers excellent views.

 Numerous switchbacks along the trail make the climbing much easier - Heather and Melody just below us on the trail.

About two miles into the climb up you walk on the edge of the ridge with more awesome views. Jim and Scout led the way!

Panorama shot from the ridge looking west and north.

On top of the ridge looking towards the summit of Alberta Peak (center of the photo). Plenty of nice wildflowers along the top of the ridge.

Jim and Scout near the summit of Alberta Peak - still a little bit on snow nearby.

Alberta Peak summit selfie - incredible 360 degree views from the top.

Parting shot - heading back down the CDT to return back to Wolf Creek Pass.