Friday, August 9, 2019

Creede to Copper Falls Gravel Ride

Great morning to go get a bike ride in before the afternoon t-storms and rain. Around a 39 mile out and back route on several gravel roads towards Love Lake and then up to a turn-out to see the elusive Copper Falls. Thanks to Ronnie Bryant for scouting this route out and finding where Copper Falls is located.

The route left our RV park and followed Deep Creek Road, then one mile on Colorado Highway 149, and then on to Middle Creek Road. Just under 40 miles with about 3,000 feet of climbing.

Following the Rio Grande River on Middle Creek Road.

Based on our map, we know we'll be heading up near that peak in the miles ahead.

Once the climbing begins - time to settle in for six miles of up! The Aspen trees kept us smiling as we chugged up the mountain.

About half-way up on the climb you get a break at Love Lake. Middle Creek flows into and out of Love Lake.

After Love Lake the road gets rockier and the scenery gets prettier. The top of this ride topped out at almost 11,000 feet.

The access road down to Copper Falls is a little rough - fortunately my 3" wide tires made the journey easier and I had no problems bicycling to the overlook and back. If I was in our truck I would have left the truck at the top and walked down to see the falls.

View from the Copper Falls overlook - looking north.

Parting shot - looking out across the Rio Grande Valley towards Lake City.