Sunday, August 4, 2019

Del Norte to South Fork Bike Ride

A busy week with moving from La Veta to Creede, an overnight trip to Albuquerque for a concert, and then a drive back to Creede yesterday. Today we drove down to Del Norte for a mixed (pavement and gravel) bike ride up to South Fork and back - a nice 42 mile ride.

The route leaves Del Norte, Colorado to the north - crossing the Rio Grande River and then turns west and stays just north of the Rio Grande. There are some nice rock formations outside Del Norte as you ride to the west on County Road 15.

This route has about three sections of gravel and the remainder is pavement. Views of the surrounding mountains are very nice - of course we always like the views of any mountains!

As we approached South Fork we rode by the Rhythms on the Rio music festival - a three day music festival wrapping up its final day. The boon-docking campers at the festival were out in full force. We're thinking that it looked like a mini Woodstock with people bathing in the river and plenty of legal weed :)

We started in Del Norte so we could have after-ride nourishment at Three Barrel Brewing! Pizza and cold beer refreshed our tired muscles. I'm sure we'll be back here again!