Catwalk Recreation Area

Heather really wanted to visit this area today, so about a 90 minute drive north from Silver City to the Catwalk Recreation Area in the Gila National Forest. This reconstructed catwalk follows Whitewater Creek and the remnants of a catwalk system used from the past days of mining.

Once you start walking down on the Catwalk you understand the name.

Often very narrow and tight passages up through the path of Whitewater Creek.

The walking surface of the Catwalk.

The view through the Catwalk looking directly down to the creek.

After the Catwalk ends, the trail continues - giving you more options to follow Whitewater Creek upstream. Often requiring several creek crossings to continue.

Whitewater Creek reflections...

Fortunately the trail had a detour around from where the creek was running here.

Parting shot... Whitewater Creek


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