Trail Riding on the CDT

Went out with Gary (local from Silver City) to ride a portion of the CDT today in the North Burro Mountains. More technical riding on a section of trail that sees little maintenance. Overall a very fun and challenging MTB ride with many nice views.

Gary drove us northwest on US Highway 180 and then up Saddlerock Canyon Road to access the CDT.

We parked in a wash that was adjacent to an old Forest Service Road that got us to the CDT.

The CDT take you up and trough some very rough terrain - minimal singletrack.

Looking northeast across the vast arid mountains of southwestern New Mexico.

The Jones bike really is suited for this type of trail - with the right gearing! My front chainring is a 26 with an 11 to 50 tooth cassette in back. Rule of thumb out here - have a 2:1 low gear or close to it!

Parting shot...


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