Bike Riding around Brenham

We've been trying to get a few rides in during the transition to Brenham and plan to get back to riding more often that we are all settled. We are fortunate that we can ride from the house and get to some excellent paved and gravel roads. We live in Washington County (the birthplace of Texas) and are fortunate to have such excellent riding opportunities. and great spring scenery (lots of wildflowers)!

Lots of trees to provide shade along the gravel back roads.

Wildflowers adjacent to a cemetery on Phillipsburg  Church Road.

I just like the name of this road - south of Burton, Texas.

Heather always get excited about the Bluebonnets :)

Lots of these yellow flowers near Chappell Hill.

The bridge was out on Langhorn Road (County Road 90) just south of Chappell Hill. We detoured back on Sempronius Road (County Road 89) and saw even more flowers.

This is an excellent road on the way to Burton from Brenham that I rode today. 

The shoulders were lined with Indian Paintbrush and Bluebonnets on Baranowski Road.

Parting shot...


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