Tucson to Brenham

It has been awhile since I've  posted about our travels, lifestyle changes have kept us pretty busy during the past two months. Rewind to January 10th - we started discussing ending our life on the road in our RV. We started by exploring possible relocation (buying a home) in Silver City, New Mexico. After exploring the available housing in Silver City - we didn't feel it was the right fit for us - we explored there on January 11th and 12th and returned back to Tucson.

We went online and looked at housing in Brenham.  On Wednesday, January 15th we called Jared and Kaitlyn to let them know our plans and ask if Kaitlyn's dad, Joe (a College Station area realtor), could help us find a realtor in Brenham. Fortunately for us, Joe could represent us in the Brenham area - he called and asked if we found anything we really liked. We had found a townhome in Brenham that seemed the perfect fit for us. Joe thought that Brenham was an ideal sized community (18,000 population) and a very hot real estate market. Joe said he would visit the townhome the next morning and suggested that we might want to start heading to Brenham.

On Thursday, January 16th he visited the townhome for us and sent us photos - he felt that if we liked it that we needed to get an offer on the table and start heading to Brenham. We put in an offer on that Thursday and left the next morning for Fort Stockton. While we traveled to Fort Stockton, we also were securing our mortgage financing on the road. By the time we reached Fort Stockton on Friday, January 17th we had a signed contract and secured our mortgage financing!

On Saturday, January 18th we arrived in Caldwell, Texas (30 miles north of Brenham) to our RV park. We drove down to Brenham to visit the townhome complex and check out the neighborhood. While looking around we met some of our new neighbors and got tours of two other townhomes like ours. We'd have to wait until the next morning to meet Joe and the kids to see our townhome.

Finally on Sunday, January 19th we got to walk through our townhome and we were very happy with our decision.

Heather on move-in day - Valentine's Day. Not really digging the dated looking cabinets.

We were scheduled to close on Valentine's Day but we got delayed until February 24th. Fortunately we still moved in on February 14th and did a short term lease until closing. The townhome was in pretty good shape (only 13 years old) but needed a good cleaning and many cosmetic fixes including painting.

We had sold all of our furniture two years ago so we were starting over.Two big trips to IKEA  with our F250 truck and we had enough to furnish our 1,566 square foot, two bedroom - two bathroom home.

IKEA boxes being staged by room for assembly.

After we got moved in, we really wanted to get our cabinets painted and all the rooms painted. A neighbor recommended a painter that had done her cabinets and interior, so we got a quote and scheduled a date.

The painters took just over seven and a half work days to paint all the kitchen and bath cabinets, trim, shelves, closets, and all rooms. It was very disruptive for that week but the end result was definitely worth it! By March 10th the majority of our work was done. In addition to the painting we replaced kitchen and bath faucets, the dishwasher, washer and dryer, lighting fixtures, a ceiling fan, and completed many other small repairs. I am pretty sure the Home Depot staff knows me by name :)

So... after a hectic two months we are getting back to riding our bikes - so many nice roads in the Brenham area and plenty of gravel roads too! So if you are traveling near Brenham and want to ride - give us a call, we have a guest room all ready and plenty of great roads to ride.


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