Washington and Austin County Riding

During this time of social distancing we've been getting our outdoor fix by riding in Washington and Austin Counties around Brenham, Texas. We have been pleasantly surprised at the large number of possible routes on rural paved and gravel roads. Most of our riding distances have been between 25 to 45 miles - just getting ourselves back in shape before we try any longer distances :) What follows are a few pics I snapped from our rides during April.

As Heather says - lots of PYF (Pretty Yellow Flowers). This is located in Washington County on Bosse Road.

Heather on William Penn Road in Washington County.

Even the hay bales are practicing social distancing and wearing appropriate PPE. This was seen along Mustang Road just east of Brenham.

Turtle Rescue along Kuykendall Road in Washington County north of Brenham.

Gravel bliss out on Caney Creek Road to the SW of Chappell Hill.

Wide open spaces and smooth gravel on Newman Road in Austin County.

Snake enjoying the quiet morning.

Thought of our friends Jack and Carol when we saw this sign in Austin County. Kramer Road is a very pretty gravel road.

Parting shot - old wooden bridge outside of Bellville, Texas in Austin County.


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